Working with Templates

Once you have logged into your MyMail account, choose the Templates option on your dashboard’s left task column.

The two tabs you can select will be My templates or Gallery.

• Templates > Gallery

The Gallery tab displays a bunch of free templates available for you to use. You can simply choose one you like, click on it and it will open the template in your drag and drop edit window.

(Since most of the images used in the free templates are stock images with private lisencing, the image will be replaced with an image placeholder, where you can insert your own.)

From here you can save the template under a new name – simply type in your template name at the top and it will move the template into your My Template section.

Next time you log in and want to work more on this template, it will be saved under My Templates section.

• Templates > My templates

My templates tab/section is basically where all your saved templates will be stored. This could be one that you have saved from the Gallery, as explained above, or one we have custome created for you and loaded, or one you have designed externally and copied the html code into and saved as a template.

Next to your template name, you will find a kebab menu (3 dot menu) with more options pertaining to your template:

Preview – Allows you to preview the template as it would view on computer or toggle to mobile view (top right).

Copy template – creates a copy of the current template. This is a great idea if you want to keep your original template to be able to reference back to at a later stage and perhaps make more copies.

Create campaign – this is a quick link to create your campaign for sending out (taking into account that your template is done and ready to be sent). The Campaign option is 2nd on the dashboard’s blue task column from where you can also setup your campaign when you are ready to send out.

Edit as HTML – should you prefer to work in the code of the template, you can switch from the drag and drop edit view to HTML edit view. Please note that certain changes made in the HTML code may not be compatible with the drag and drop edit view and you might loose the edit capability of drag and drop.

(If you designed your template in a source code generator, this would also be the function to use to paste your html code and save it as a template in MyMail.)

Set as default template – should you prefer this to be the basis of all the future templates you want to design, you can set it as a default. The subject line, template name and from email address for the chosen template will pull through automatically as default for all future templates.

A default template is marked with a small star icon:

Share – MyMail generates a url that you can copy and send on. The url will open the mailer in a browser window, not a mail program. This is however a handy feature for proofing with a task team.

To Delete a Template

On the template screen, select the top white select block of the template and you can then choose the Delete option on the right. Please note, the deletion is permanent and can not be retrieved again.