Campaign Results

To view the campaign results, go to the Campaigns option in your main menu, then click on View Report next to the specific campaign you want to view results of.

• Overview

The overview screen/tab is a summary of your campaign results. The first data shown here are the most basic details:

  • Number of your recipients
  • Name of the recipient list the campaign was sent to
  • The exact date the campaign was sent on

This screen is further divided into two more detailed sections.


The performance section provides more detailed information about how your campaign fared. It shows both a statistical breakdown of your stats like opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes accompanied by a visual graph of the same statistics from the last 48 hours.

Most popular links

This part will show you which of your links perform the best. The most popular links are sorted here by click rate.

• Activity

The activity screen shows you the detailed email logs of your campaign. Every email sent within the last 7 days since the campaign’s start is here for you to examine. You can see its status, recipient, and contents.

Clicking the “eye” icon will open a popup with its details like exact event history and headers.

• Links

The Links screen is a more detailed version of “Most popular links”. This screen shows you The general numerical and proportional statistics of all the links included in your campaign. On top of that, there is also a map of all the links included in your email’s template. Thanks to it, you can inspect a visual representation of your template’s most clickable parts. This can be of great help when designing your future templates. Seeing which parts of your design are of most interest to your recipients may be helpful in reproducing this success.

Each link has its own percentage score on the map.

• Geography

The Geography screen shows your email activity broken down into the geographical locations of your recipients. This is another tool that may help you with analytics and adjusting to your recipients based on their location.