Editing your Template

Once you have opened your template by simply clicking on it, you will have a full view of the mailer to start editing.

• Element Editing Toolboxes

The TEXT Element

Toggle between edit view and html code edit view within text. Use this feature only if you are proficient in HTML coding.

Set the format for the text by selecting the text and then choosing the format icon. The styles (eg. Text, Header 1, Header 2 etc), pulls its styling from the Styles tab (right of the screen) which you can predefine.

Basic text editing features follow, including Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough.

Inserting (or unlinking) a text link allows you to add text and the proper url to create a text link. Alternatively, you can also select the text in your mailer and then select the link icon to only type in the url. You can also set to have the link open in a new tab window.

Setting Alignment, Font size (in pixels), Font colour and setting line height:

Change the colour of the table’s row or cell (within a table row) and set the row’s padding. Note, the padding is set in pixels and is universal / all round (top, bottom, left and right inside spacing). The row in the below screenshot has a background colour set (no cell colour set) and a all-round padding of 48px (inside spacing).

Add Merge fields to the text element. In the screenshot below, we used the merge field called {VIEW} that will allow the user to view the mailer online (in a browser).

There are numerous to choose from, that can extract the information depending on how your data is loaded. Another familiar one is the Unsubscribe merge field, which is mandatory before sending out.

Here are some more merge fields: