Editing your Template

Once you have opened your template by simply clicking on it, you will have a full view of the mailer to start editing.

• Element Editing Toolboxes


Most Gallery Templates include a social media section that has been placed in the template. You can click in the element and the toolbar will appear where you can edit more options.

Alternatively, you can use the layout panel (to the right) and select the Social element to insert it – simply click on it, hold in and drag to the required place in your template – literally a drag and drop action. By default MyMail will insert rounded buttons in full colour (predetermined):

To setup the links of each button, click on the first icon (share) as above. The following window will appear and you can simply click on the ADD ANOTHER SERVICE button at the bottom to add different social networks. Remember to paste your custom URL for each service to link it correctly. Should you want to delete a service, simply click on the REMOVE button next to it:


Set Display:

The display option of the links inlcude Icon only, Text only or Both:

The Icon style option below the display option include solid or outlined options for rounded or square icons.

Next to the icon style, you can choose between full colour display, grayscale, dark (black) and light display options. This, together with the icons style and display options, allows you to customise how you would like your icons to appear. See screenshots futher below. The size of the icon and padding (inner spacing) can also be set in pixels – increasing or decreasing the overall size of your icon.

Here is a sample of display options, toggling the display, icon style and colours:



Should you choose your social networks to display as Text, the display options are followed by text editing options: Link text style inlcudes the colour of the link, the font type of the link, font size, alignment and horizontal (as in preview) or vertical layout:

The last options left on the toolbar pertains to the row and not the icons. Here you can choose to change the row or cell’s background colour: