Editing your Template

Once you have opened your template by simply clicking on the picture of it, or choosing the preview feature from the kebab menu, you will have a full screen view of the mailer, to start editing.

• Mail Setup Edit Features (Top)

At the top on the left of your mailer, you will see the Template Name, which you can easily edit by simply clicking on the name or on the pencil icon next to it.

To the right, you will notice some more edit and view features:

The features on the right, start with Undo and Redo arrows, indicating one step forward or backward with edits.

Next is the Template Tag option, You can set any tag (keyword) to your mailer, eg Black Friday. This is handy when you have many mail templates, that you can then filter your templates via the tag that you set in the My templates lists (to only show Black Friday templates for example):

The fourth icon is to toggle your view of the mailer as per desktop view or mobile view. The icon will change to a desktop icon, while you are viewing it in mobile view. Please note this is a loose indication of how your mailer will preview, as there are many moble sizes. Best to test your mailer yourself.

The fifth (second last) icon is to toggle a grid view on or off. In this case the mailer was done in tables and the grid view would look like this:

The last icon (cog wheel) is to Send Test preview mails and to set your mailer’s Default sending options.

The Send Test option will open a window where you can indicate the email address(es) you want to send a test mail To (seperate multiple addresses with a semicolon). Note test emails use 1 credit per addres you send to, from your account. The From section is where you type the address in from which domain it will be sending the mailer from. If your account is setup correctly and your domain was verified, this would all be sorted. The Subject can be change with every test send. If you are proofing the mailer with the tes send, it is a good idea to type infront of the actual subject line the words PLEASE APPROVE or PROOF 1 or FOR PROOFING TEAM: followed by the rest of the subject line. That way the test recipients will know its not the live campaign they are receiving. (Please note that the info typed in the next section, setting up the default options, will automatically populate these fields for you.)

The Default Options will open a window where you can type in the relevant information regarding your mailer. This information will pull through to the Send Test information box and will be saved with your template – which means when you create your campaign to send it out, this information will automatically pull through.