Editing your Template – Using the Drag and Drop feature of MyMail

Once you have opened your template by simply clicking on the picture of it, or choosing the preview feature from the kebab menu, you will have a full screen view of the mailer, to start editing.

The Drag and Drop features are located on the right of your template screen.
There are 3 tabs to work from, the Layout, Design and Styles tab.

• The Styles Tab

The different styles used in your template, can be set in the Styles tab.

For example the Text setting below and its font, colour and size, will function as the default setting for any text element you drag into your template.

The Links setting will allow you to select the colour – therefor, any text link in your mailer that you link will automatically use this colour. (Since it is a text link, the font style will inherit form the Text setting, as explained above.)

The Button’s text format can also be set here.

If you are going to use a colour background on your button (as discussed in the toolbox of the button, here), you can set the text colouring here to complement your button design.

The Heading settings below the Button setting, allows you basically to setup header styles. Heading 1’s setting would account for Header 1 style found on your text toolbar.

Simply set the heading style in the Styles tab and apply it in your template by selecting text and on the text toolbar select the styling icon and from the list select which header style you would like to apply.

(The text toolbar is discussed in finer detail here.)