Editing your Template

Once you have opened your template by simply clicking on it, you will have a full view of the mailer to start editing.

• Element Editing Toolboxes

The BUTTON Element

Most Gallery Templates include a button that has been placed in the template. You can click on the button and the toolbar will appear where you can edit more options.

Alternatively, you can use the layout panel (to the right) and select the button element to insert it – simply click on it, hold in and drag to the required place in your template – literally a drag and drop action. By default MyMail will insert a blue button with white text called “Awesome button”:

The options to the right of your selected element will allow you to delete the element, clone/copy with a drag and drop motion or move the element to a different spot in the template.

For this tutorial’s purpose, we are going to look at the edit functions on the toolbar once you have selected the button, after inserting it. Please read the explanation below each screenshot:

Set 1:

Select the button’s background colour.

Select the padding (inner space) of the button.

Select the rounding of the corners, based on pixel size.

Set 2:

To link the button (it’s obvious action), click on the chain/link icon and paste the correct URL in the dialog window (see below) as to where you want the button to take the user when they click on it. When done pasting the link, click on the Insert Link button:

Set 3:

Select the text colour of the text on the button.

Select the font type for the text on the button. (The Styles window (to the right) is where you default font type is setup – by default the button text will reflect that font type.)

Select the font size in pixels for the text on the button.

Bold the text or apply Italics to the text on the button.

Further below, set the Alignment for the text on the button.

Set 4:

These settings apply more to the row than to the button in the row.

Set the row’s background colour.

Set the cell’s background colour.

Change the padding (inner space) in pixels of the row (not the button).