The easiest & most affordable bulk mail system around.



Experience the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of MyMail’s bulk email system, the most user-friendly and budget-friendly option available.

Experience the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of MyMail’s bulk email system, the most user-friendly and budget-friendly option available. MyMail, helps you craft impressive mail campaigns in mere minutes.

Simply utilise the drag-and-drop environment on pre-designed templates or, for the pro-coders, directly compile your raw HTML mailers. We have a gallery of responsive mail templates that ensures your design choice is attractive and speaks for your brand’s marketing, every time.

Drag n Drop Builder

Effortlessly create stunning email campaigns with MyMail’s user-friendly interface. Utilize pre-designed templates or build your own from scratch with the intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Customize your layout, design, and styles with ease using MyMail’s convenient grouping options.

Free Mail Templates

MyMail simplifies email marketing with its collection of responsive templates ready for customization. Utilize your company’s branding by incorporating your logo and colours, personalize the template with your own images and text, and include external links and social media connections.

MyMail templates are equipped with standard email elements such as preheader, images, social links, and an unsubscribe footer. The drag-and-drop builder allows for additional customization options to make the template truly unique to your brand.

Previews & Test sending

MyMail’s preview feature allows you to see how your email campaign will appear on both desktop and mobile devices, giving you a clear idea of the final outcome. This feature is particularly useful for email marketers who want to test and proof their campaigns.

MyMail’s test send feature enables you to send a test version of the email to recipients’ inboxes, allowing for immediate testing and compatibility with different email clients. This feature is an invaluable tool for ensuring the success of your email campaigns.

Scheduled Sends

Maximize your email marketing efficiency with MyMail’s campaign scheduling feature. Our platform allows for easy scheduling of multiple campaigns, perfect for busy holiday periods and recurring promotions.

With the ability to schedule specific dates and multiple send times, as well as the option to send every few days, MyMail’s campaign scheduling feature is available on both monthly and annual packages.

Segmenting Lists

Improve your marketing strategy with list segmentation by uploading multiple contact lists and targeting specific campaigns to different groups. Track the success of each campaign by using the campaign reporting feature and gain valuable consumer insights through segmentation.

This feature is available on both Monthly and Annual packages.

Webform Integration

Increase newsletter signups on your website with MyMail’s easy-to-use Webform feature. Customize a template form, add merge fields, and use the generated HTML code or URL link on your website.

Automatically add new signups to your contact list and expand your reach for campaigns. Sign up made easy with MyMail!


Personalization is a key aspect of effective communication, and MyMail’s merge tags make it easy to enhance customer communication with personalized messaging.

Merge tags allow you to insert specific information, such as a customer’s name, lastname or whichever data you have collected (signup date, product purchased), into your email messages. This makes the message feel more tailored to the individual recipient, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Reputation Management

Managing your contact lists effectively is an important aspect of maintaining a good spam score. MyMail’s Reputation Management feature can help you keep your contact lists clean and up to date. This includes removing invalid or bounced email addresses, as well as keeping track of the number of unsubscribes and ensuring that you are only sending emails to those who have opted-in to receive them.

This helps you maintain a good reputation and improves your chances of reaching and engaging your target audience.

Campaign Reporting

Track the success of your email marketing campaigns with MyMail’s comprehensive reporting feature.

Our platform provides detailed insights into key metrics such as open rate, read rate, and clicks, giving you a complete overview of the performance of your campaigns. Additionally, you can easily export data for each campaign, allowing you to store and analyze your data for future use.

A real Time-Saver

Effortlessly send bulk email campaigns with MyMail’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface and powerful bulk sending system. Create mailers in minutes and save time!

Mobile & Responsive Design

Ensure your email campaigns are accessible on all devices and up-to-date with the latest responsive trends by utilizing mobile-friendly designs.

Competitive Pricing

Experience the convenience of tailored credit packages for all your email marketing needs, from entry-level to high volume transactional emails, with MyMail.

Take control of Email Marketing

Sign up for MyMail by DesignHub and take control of your company’s email campaigns. Choose from versatile sign-up options and become a MyMail expert with the help of our comprehensive knowledge base. Select your credit package and start creating stunning email campaigns for your clients today.

Or, we can do it for you!

Don’t have the time for a do-it-yourself email campaign solution? Let our experts take care of everything for you, from start to finish. Make contact today and we’ll set you up in no time –  from sign up, set up, to design, to send out.

Our sign up process can be done in 3 quick steps:
Sign up, Set up, Send out!

Step 1: Choose the Plan that works for you and according to how many contacts you want to send your campaign to.
Step 2: Complete our client sign up screen with DesignHub. Follow the prompts and we’ll set up everything for you, including domain name verification etc.
Step 3: Once your sign up and payment is completed, you’ll get access to your own MyMail account, using your domain to send from. You can create and edit your mailers to your liking and send out once done! To send out again, simply log into your client area and add more credits.

Monthly Plans

  • My 2000
  • R85
    per month
  • Upload up to 2000 Contacts
  • Anytime Top-up Available
  • Credits valid for 30 Days
  • Payable Annually
  • My 5000
  • R145
    per month
  • Upload up to 5000 Contacts
  • Anytime Top-up Available
  • Credits valid for 30 Days
  • Payable Monthly
  • My 10 000
  • R245
    per month
  • Upload up to 10 000 Contacts
  • Anytime Top-up Available
  • Credits valid for 30 Days
  • Payable Monthly
  • My 20 000
  • R395
    per month
  • Upload up to 20 000 Contacts
  • Anytime Top-up Available
  • Credits valid for 30 Days
  • Payable Monthly

Larger Custom Plans are available on request. Please feel free to Contact us.

Monthly Credit Plans

Terms of Plan

  • There is no setup fee
  • Monthly payment required (or 1 year up front)
  • Upgrade / Downgrade between monthly packages welcome
  • Top up credits available during a month

Please Note

  • Knowledge base guidance available
  • Cancellation period is 1 calendar month
  • Monthly Plans are not inter-changable with Pay-as-you-go Plans

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is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed. — Ramsay Leimenstoll

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